Increase your Cash Flow and Net Worth with the Passive Real Estate Investor
Wealth Club

The Passive Real Estate Investor Wealth Club is your opportunity to join an exclusive group of like-minded individuals who are seeking to take control of their financial future through passive real estate investing.

Membership will help you quickly implement the three most essential passive cash flow strategies - the Diversification Method, the Equity Leverage Method, and the AIRR Method.

The Passive Real Estate Investor Membership (\"PREI\") delivers exclusive opportunities to invest in a variety of real estate investments and structures.

PREI provides opportunities to grow your cash flow and net worth through real estate investing. The Company guides you by sourcing deals that provide diversification by property type, geographic location, and Sponsor.

  • Do you need to improve your financial situation?
  • Are you busy, but still want access to high quality deals with current cash flow and upside potential?
  • Would it be beneficial for you to build multiple streams of passive cash flow?
  • Do you want more passive cash flow to cover your lifestyle?
  • Do you have a magic number for your net worth that you want to achieve?
  • Do you want to have more freedom and control over the investments in your retirement account?
  • Do you want financial freedom?
  • Do you want financial security?
  • Are you hoping to leave a legacy?

Passive Real Estate Investor delivers the intelligence you need…

Picture this… you have officially made it. You have financial freedom and financial security. You are at home doing what you love, spending more time with those you love, and you are making money from your passive cash flow real estate investments.

Guardrail Finance developed the Passive Real Estate Investor Wealth Club for investors like you - investors who desire access to real estate investment ideas, strategies, and opportunities that they can take action on to increase their cash flow and grow their net worth!


You will receive immediate access to opportunities that you can invest in to gain financial freedom.


Increasing your passive cash flow from real estate takes time.
Growing your net worth from real estate investing takes time.


The Passive Real Estate Investor Membership is not a \"get rich quick\" scheme

Membership is not for people who are looking for a magic bullet and it is not for people who are looking to improve upon their situation overnight.

All investment carries risk. However, when you learn about risk, what makes a good deal, and you calculate the risk-adjusted return, real estate investing is the best asset class for increasing both your cash flow and net worth over time.

  • You may have doubts and fears…
  • You may not feel like you have enough knowledge to invest.
  • You may think that you do not have enough money to invest.
  • You may be fearful of losing what you already have.
  • You may not have support from your friends and family.

But you can do this…do you want to know how I know?

It\'s because I did it. I didn\'t come from money. I didn\'t have anything extra special that you don\'t have.

But…I overcame the feeling that I did not have enough knowledge. I overcame the thinking that I did not have enough money to invest. I got over the fear of losing what little I had when I started. And I overcame not having support from my family who were nervous about investing in real estate.

My path is different than yours.

When I started looking at real estate seriously in 1999, I did not feel like I had enough knowledge. And frankly, I did not know where to begin to obtain the knowledge I needed, so I pursued further formal education and enrolled in an MBA program focused on finance and real estate.

After obtaining formal education, I still had no practical experience investing in real estate and I still had the fear of not having enough knowledge, so I accepted a position at a firm doing commercial real estate finance.

While working for the commercial real estate finance firm, I did not have a lot of money. I had school debt. I had a budding family where my wife and I were living on a pretty tight budget in an expensive city. However, I made it a priority to get in the game. Despite our tight budget, I allocated a portion of our salaries to an investment savings account. When I was finally able to save $10,000, I made my first investment despite my fear.

I was fearful of losing what little my wife and I had saved. But, I had also learned one secret from real estate investors that I will teach you here.


The secret is simple yet powerful. You cannot grow your cash flow and net worth without taking calculated risks with the money you already have.

That does not mean you should be cavalier. It means that you need to do your own analysis, make your own judgements, and take action on investments that you believe will help you in your journey to obtain financial freedom and financial security.

When I started discussing the idea of investing in real estate, I didn\'t have the full support of my family. My wife did not want me to risk what she felt we could not afford to lose. I showed her that the first investment I wanted to make was a real estate mortgage secured by an apartment complex in San Francisco. The interest rate on the mortgage was 9% and the loan was approximately 50% loan-to-value, which means that the owner had 50% equity in front of the loan. I showed how our first small investment would provide a good risk-adjusted return. That first investment gave me courage. It got me engaged in actual, practical learning that I could learn from more for future investments. After she saw that we received a return on the invested capital, she trusted me more to find, analyze, and decide whether a particular deal was the right fit for our strategy.


After I began focusing on making real estate related investments in 2005 rather than solely working in commercial real estate finance, I made a lot of progress. I made mistakes, but the 2008 Great Recession was the best thing that could have happened in hindsight.

Over time, I learned three SECRETS that most people overlook, ignore, or fail to discuss. Those three SECRETS that we offer our Exclusive Members are the Diversification Method, the Equity Leverage Method, and the AIRR Method.

It took me about 12 years to be able to say that I was financially free. But by 2017, I had enough passive cash flow and I had built a large enough net worth that I could retire if I wanted to. You can do it too! It takes time, but I believe with our Memberships and Services that you will be able to accomplish the task even sooner.

Even though I could retire, I don\'t want to. I love this business, I enjoy the stories of self-made real estate millionaires and billionaires. And while I already have financial security for my family from our investments, I want to give back. I want to help my clients, families, and friends. I want to teach the things that I have learned, and I want to assist you with building up your cash flow and net worth in order to create financial freedom for you and your family.

What is it that you really need?

The number one problem that we solve for you is access. Most people do not have access to enough high-quality passive cash flow real estate deals. Because of our extensive experience and contacts, we provide those opportunities for our exclusive members.

In addition to solving the issue of access, we also solve the three issues all investors face and that we learned are the secrets to winning the real estate investing game long term - diversification, equity leverage, and AIRR.


You will receive access to deals from Guardrail Finance principals and affiliates.

You will receive access to vetted deals from Sponsors that we know, trust, and have invested with in the past. You will have opportunities to invest in multi-tenant assets that we invest in. You will have access to invest in real estate equity Funds that we set up. You will have opportunities to invest in single tenant assets that we invest in. You will receive updates on the investments on a quarterly and annual basis.

You will receive required tax documents for each investment.

Each month, I share the things I\'ve been learning about and the opportunities I\'m finding for you inside a monthly, members-only correspondence.


You benefit by having access to opportunities. You will have access to opportunities that you could invest in that could grow your passive cash flow. You will have access to opportunities that you could invest in that could grow your net worth. You can save time by not having to find, arrange, and manage real estate investments on your own. You will learn and be able to implement Guardrail Finance\'s Diversification Method. You will be able to utilize Guardrail Finance\'s Equity Leverage Method. You will be able to take advantage of opportunities using Guardrail Finance\'s AIRR Method.

In addition to receiving education on the most lucrative methods that you can use to grow your cash flow and net worth, you will receive models, workbooks, checklists and relevant tax documents for the investments you analyze and choose to invest in.

The Passive Real Estate Investor Membership works. We are real estate investors and financiers. Here\'s what people are saying:

\"I am busy with my day job. Guardrail Finance and its sister companies have provided me with real estate investment opportunities to assist with our retirement planning and to increase our cash flow.\"



Hawaii Investment Ready

\"Guardrail Finance has presented me with numerous real estate investment opportunities. I understand real estate, but my career is very demanding, so it is helpful to have quality investment opportunities from a trusted partner that I can co-invest with.\"




\"Guardrail Finance has been instrumental in financing our multifamily and commercial real estate investments over the past 10 years. Doing business with Guardrail Finance has always made the process flow smoothly. The Company seeks optimal financing for our situation, communicates regularly, and works hard to close the financing transaction on time.\"



Managing Member
Real Estate Investor

Learning these methods and secrets have taken time, energy, and money. No one taught me these methods. I had to do research, invest, analyze what worked and what didn\'t, and then synthesize a formula. That formula for investment success is the hallmark of Guardrail Finance.

I have invested millions into deals. My learning points will save you lots of time. What took me 15 years of investing to learn could cut down the time it takes you to achieve financial independence. Membership in Guardrail Finance is not cheap, but it is not expensive either. We offer high quality real estate investment ideas, strategies, and opportunities. Other membership programs in the market charge more and do not offer opportunities for true diversification that allow you to leverage your equity while also providing strategies to implement the AIRR Method.


Now you may be thinking that the Passive Real Estate Investor Membership will cost you $5,000 or more per year, but that\'s not the case. We like to offer extreme value to our clients. For a limited time, we are offering the Passive Real Estate Investor Membership for inaugural Members at a discounted annual rate. Furthermore, you will get to carry that price forward for as long as you remain a Member. For a limited time, we are offering Passive Real Estate Investor Membership for the low price of $300 annually, which is a 50% discount off of the regular rate of $595 annually.


But that is not all you will receive. We also have extras for action takers. We believe that action takers deserve added value and we are pleased to provide you with the following bonuses that can super charge your education and aid you with your real estate investing goals.

When you invest in yourself and your financial future, and when you continue your Membership for 30 days, you will receive these bonuses. These bonuses are extremely valuable tools that we also sell individually. These tools will assist you on your real estate investing journey.



Due Diligence Checklist Pack
(Value $197)



PFS & SREO Excel Model
(Value $197)



Workbooks describing and outlining the three Methods that form the basis of Guardrail Finance. You will receive the Diversification Method workbook, the Equity Leverage Method workbook, and the AIRR Method workbook.
(Value $297)

And if you invest by midnight tonight, we will give you one additional bonus that will benefit a charity partner of your choosing.



We believe in giving back. We believe that there are those less fortunate than us. There are those without the basic necessities from Maslow\'s Hierarchy of Needs like food, water, and shelter. We believe that it is important for those of us who can give back to give back.
So, we will give 5% of the Annual Membership to our Charity partners.

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And, don\'t are protected by our

Money Back Guarantee

Truthfully, we know that what we have to offer is valuable. But, we also know that sometimes you need to determine whether the concept and investment opportunities are right for you. We want a group of like-minded Members who aid one another. And we are only interested in providing value for you, so we want to ensure that you love this membership.

We want you to be 100% satisfied, and we want to help you grow your cash flow and net worth by deciding which investment opportunities are best suited to you and your investment style. We have invested in each of our products and services to provide you with value, but if you are not satisfied for any reason within 30 days of you joining this exclusive membership, we offer a no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.


Just email us at if you are not fully satisfied, and we will promptly issue a refund.


This offer is for a limited time only. We are offering 50% off for our inaugural members. That pricing is only available for an exclusive group who are serious about taking control of their financial future. It is for you if you are ready to increase your cash flow and grow your net worth through passive cash flow real estate investments.

You will have access to deals typically reserved for high net worth clients. You will have the ability to spread your current investment dollars and net worth over a variety of investments to diversify, leverage your equity, implement our AIRR Method.

Courage is not the absence of fear…it is taking action despite the presence of fear to grow your wealth, increase your freedom and security, and create a lasting legacy.

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